Waivlength Beta achieves 40,000+ sign-ups in first 24 Hours

Waivlength, a decentralised social media platform, released a sign-up form on Tuesday the 22nd of February to test its Beta platform release coming later this year. In the first 24 hours, it received over 40,000 sign-ups. The sign-up form lets anyone sign up to take part in the Waivlength Beta coming soon. To further incentivise sign-ups and spread the word, there is a $30,000 prize pool in WAIV up for grabs for people who refer others to the form.

How it works
A user signs up to the beta.
2. Upon doing so, they are given a unique referral code to share, so all sign-ups that come through that link can be attributed to that user.
3. If they are inside the top 500 referrers when the sign-up process finishes, they will receive a share of the $30,000 WAIV prize pool.

The prize pool is broken down as follows:

1st Place: $3,000 in WAIV
2nd & 3rd Place:
$1,500 in WAIV
4th to 10th Place:
$500 in WAIV
11th to 20th:
$250 in WAIV
21st to 100th:
$100 in WAIV
101st to 250th:
$50 in WAIV
251st to 500th:
$10 in WAIV

In addition to this, all who achieve over 5,000 referrals will be rewarded with a bonus $200 in WAIV, and if you manage to get over 10,000 referrals, you’ll receive another $400 in WAIV.

If you’d like to sign up and start referring, you can do so here.

Waivlength was recently revealed as a grant recipient from the Algorand Foundation, an award delivered to projects demonstrating high potentials for driving mainstream adoption of the Algorand blockchain.

Waivlength aspires to be the fairest and most rewarding social platform on the internet. The platform has many unique features, all designed with the purpose of promoting quality content, forming stronger communities, returning power to the community of users and allowing users to profit from the value they bring to the network.

These features include:

  • Full verification/ID process to banking-level quality for its users.
  • Cryptocurrency rewards for users positively contributing to the network.
  • Public post restrictions of 1 per day.
  • Customisable messaging servers with no post restrictions in the Waivlength Hub.
  • Tiered challenge-system which grants rewards when completed.
  • Platform profits redistributed to its community (45% of profits)
  • Community-led moderation system.

Through seamless blockchain and cryptocurrency integration, Waivlength will deliver a user interface that will be familiar, fresh and intuitive. It hopes to lower the barrier of entry to non-crypto natives and be a trustworthy entry point to the world of crypto through its verified network. The platform will support the sharing of all forms of media and provide new post engagement options and greater means of customising your feed and profile.

‘The New Age of Social Media’ is set to launch later this year, projecting a Beta roll-out in June 2022. This is an exciting opportunity for creators, general users and crypto natives alike to form the culture of a new network and discover the possibilities that lie within emerging technology and cryptocurrency.

You can discover more about Waivlength on their website and sign-up for the Beta waitlist there. Those signing up now also have the opportunity to share in a prize pool of $30,000 worth of WAIV — the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Early adopters also seek to benefit by establishing their profile while user numbers are low and grow their influence on the platform.



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